The History of WCW

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March 05, 2012

1988 — 1992


Nov. 21, 1988
WCW is Born
Throughout the 1980s, Ted Turner presents the action from Jim Crockett Promotions on the “World Championship Wrestling” program on his TBS network. In ’88, with Crockett’s company experiencing financial problems stemming from mismanagement, the media mogul buys the failing business and forms Universal Wrestling Corporation, which is soon renamed to World Championship Wrestling in order to retain familiarity.

Jan. 11, 1991
The First Champion
During WCW’s first years of operation, the promotion remains closely affiliated with the historic National Wrestling Alliance, with the NWA World Title representing the top prize. However, in order to build their own identity, WCW establishes the WCW World Title, which Ric Flair wins by stealing a victory over Sting.

July 14, 1991
Flair Goes North
Following a series of disagreements with WCW Executive Vice President Jim Herd, Ric Flair leaves the organization and takes the WCW World Title to WWE. As a result of the controversial move, the championship is declared vacant and a match between Lex Luger and Barry Windham for the title is held at Great American Bash with The Total Package prevailing.

June 1, 1992
Saddle Up
"Cowboy" Bill Watts becomes the Executive Vice President of WCW. A no-nonsense Oklahoman, Watts implements a number of controversial and unpopular policies, including banning top rope maneuvers and removing the protective mats from the outside of the ring. Now when competitors fall out of the squared circle, they hit nothing but concrete.

Aug. 2, 1992
Making History
After his name is randomly selected in a drawing by Watts, Ron Simmons challenges WCW World Champion Big Van Vader for the coveted title and defeats the devastating big man to become the first African-American World Champion in sports-entertainment history. (WATCH) The significance of the moment is easily summed up with one word — “Damn!”

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