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August 08, 2013

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This isn’t hyperbole. Genuinely, the first memory I have is my dad taking me to a WCW show. I remember specifically, because of the logo in the ring. This is the only memory I have – he put my feet on the mat. I guess I could barely walk. Then he picked me up, put me over the top rope and handed me off to somebody. He wanted me to feel the ring. That is literally the earliest memory I have.

From the time I was able to, until I was about 6 or 7, I went to every local WCW show with my dad from Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama. I’d go to the WCW offices in CNN Center and sit in on my dad and Tony Schiavone doing the voiceovers for WCW Saturday Night.

I found out via Blockbuster Video how special my dad was in the sports-entertainment world. I didn’t know, because I wasn’t old enough. I wasn’t able to form a thought when he won the World Heavyweight Championship, or when he brought the WarGames, or when he was battling The Four Horsemen. That was all stuff I rented on VHS tapes at Blockbuster Video.

When I would go as kid, even when he was competing, he was also the promoter. So I got a pretty good indication when he was in charge. He’d be having all these very serious conversations by the side of his old F-150 with guys like Sting. I was just sitting in the backseat wondering what the heck they were talking about.

My dad used to use me as a barometer. When I’d go to WCW pay-per-views, my dad was on commentary and they sat away from the ring. I would sit in front of their desk. These big epic matches would take place and he would watch me, to see if I looked back at him or if I was totally invested.

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