Booker T recalls the final WCW Nitro

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March 24, 2013

While longtime rivals Sting and Ric Flair competed in the final match of the night, Booker T was presented with a unique opportunity — the chance to close out Nitro as the WCW Champion. At the time, he was already a four–time champion and the United States Champion, but his match against longtime WCW competitor and WCW Champion Scott Steiner would give him a distinction that neither Sting or Flair would have.

“To go into the match with the United States Title and walk out as both U.S. and WCW World Champion, for me, that was huge,” Booker told
Thinking about that moment led him to recall the long journey to that point in his WCW career.

“When I started my career back in the early 1990s, I worked my way from the bottom,” the ring veteran said. “I had no ties to sports-entertainment, I wasn’t second-generation or anything, so for me to work my way up and close the company down as a dual champion is a real feather in the cap for me.”

Still, while some WCW competitors were uncertain of the future, Booker T knew he was going to WWE as a key part of the impending WCW/ECW invasion.

“I could have stayed under contract with WCW and not competed like some other guys did. But I thought I was talented and capable enough, so I rolled the dice by going to WWE,” he revealed.

Of course, Booker T’s first rivalry in WWE was a memorable one, pitting him at odds with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The former WCW Champion would also go on to become World Heavyweight Champion, and even now as SmackDown's General Manager and a WWE Hall of Famer. However, Booker always remembers his time and success in World Championship Wrestling.

“My time in WCW was like the summer of my life, when it came to an end, I had to move on to the fall, where I am now,” Booker told “I have a lot of great memories from WCW, a lot of admiration for the WCW competitors I worked with, and I learned so much in my time there. All I can do is look back and think, ‘It’s been a hell of a ride.’”

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