Hot or not? The best and worst of WCW's Bash at the Beach

Not!: Jeff Jarrett lies down for Hulk Hogan

During WCW’s unfortunate 2000 doldrums — when backstage autocrat Vince Russo was either the main onscreen protagonist or antagonist, depending on his mood — crap like this happened all the time. Some star, whether it was Kevin Nash, Sting or even Buff Bagwell, would take exception to certain locker room power plays and address the situation directly to the camera, thereby tugging at the iron curtain that long separated the onscreen product from the politicking behind the scenes.

The majority of these endeavors were gag-inducing, but one particularly contentious moment remains a sports-entertainment curiosity to this day. A scheduled main event between WCW Champion Jeff Jarrett and aging icon Hulk Hogan was bluntly interrupted by Russo, who targeted The Hulkster with vicious, scathing words. Jarrett then lay prone on the mat, inviting Hogan to pin him and take the title. The confused look on The Hulkster’s face was shared by the folks watching, but, purely as train wreck TV, this moment was fascinating.