The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#1 Sting

There is no face more recognizable or more closely associated with WCW than the man called Sting. Making his NWA/WCW debut in 1987, The Stinger remained with the Atlanta-based organization until it was acquired by WWE in 2001. Dubbed “The Franchise of WCW,” Sting was one of the few major stars to never join WWE, remaining one of WCW’s most popular grapplers throughout his career. Once sporting colorful face-paint and ring attire, the charismatic competitor went through a drastic transformation in 1996, becoming a silent avenger of WCW as The nWo’s power expanded. With his baseball bat in tow, Sting descended from the rafters to disrupt the plans of “Hollywood” Hogan and the nefarious faction.

Throughout his tenure, The Stinger amassed six WCW World Titles, three WCW Tag Team Championships, two WCW International World Titles and two United States Championships before battling his longtime rival Ric Flair on the final Nitro. — K.P.