The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#9 "Macho Man" Randy Savage

“Randy always treated his opponents as if they were on the same level,” Diamond Dallas Page once told “You were always at a main event level when you stepped into the ring with ‘Macho Man.’”

A famously intense and fearless competitor, Savage captured the first of his four WCW World Championships by winning the inaugural World War 3 60-man, three-ring battle royal in 1995. Although he first stood up to The nWo, Savage eventually joined them in 1997, engaging in a physical rivalry with Diamond Dallas Page that highlighted the struggle between WCW and The nWo. 

The Madness remained at the top of his game in The nWo, eventually sparking Hogan’s jealousy over the World Title, prompting Savage to form the nWo Wolfpac alongside Kevin Nash. After a hiatus due to injury, Macho Man returned in 1999, once again winning the World Championship and commanding the respect of his opponents. — K.P.