The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#19 The Giant

When it comes to big men in the world of sport-entertainment, no one can match the ability possessed by the seven-foot monster, The Giant. Today the WWE Universe knows him as Big Show, but early in his career, The Giant moved around the squared-circle like a cruiserweight, executing dropkicks and even jumping from the top rope.

Making his WCW debut in 1995, The World’s Largest Athlete immediately went after Hulk Hogan and his World Title. In his very first match at Halloween Havoc, The Giant was able to overcome the champion and become WCW’s biggest villain. After being forced to vacate the title, The Giant would eventually regain the prestigious championship, this time dethroning Ric Flair while joining a short list of competitors who defeated Hogan and Flair for a major title. During his WCW tenure, The Giant was also a three-time tag champ and the winner of the 1996 World War 3 battle royal. — M.Z.