The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#39 Curt Hennig

If there is one lesson to be taken away from Curt Hennig’s tenure at WCW, it’s that perfection never rusts. Hennig’ time in WCW signified the in-ring renaissance of one of the ’90s best talents, who had been sidelined with a back injury for the better part of three years.

Courted by multiple factions upon his shocking WCW debut in June 1997, Hennig chose his alliances carefully and changed sides frequently. He enjoyed stints with The Four Horsemen and The nWo before forming his own stable, The West Texas Rednecks, whose rivalry with the Master P-led No Limit Soldiers produced the stunningly popular and infectious earworm, “Rap is Crap.”

In his three years there, Hennig captured the U.S. Championship and the WCW Tag Team Titles. His classics against DDP and Ric Flair reminded all of his in-ring brilliance, and a memorable Perfect-plex on the massive Giant proved that Hennig had returned not a moment too soon. — J.C.