The 50 greatest stars in WCW history

#41 Bret "Hit Man" Hart

Bret “Hit Man” Hart made his highly publicized WCW debut two weeks before Starrcade 1997. The Excellence of Execution didn’t immediately make an impact, but he did make a decision as he aligned himself with WCW against The nWo. However, he soon became an associate of the faction before winning his first of four U.S Titles in 1998. Hart added to the significance of the already prestigious championship as many major WCW events were headlined by a U.S. Title bout rather than a WCW World Title contest.

In 1999, Hart captured his first WCW World Title by winning a tournament at Mayhem, defeating the likes of Sting, Saturn and Kidman. During his time as WCW Champion, he won the WCW Tag Team Titles with his nemesis, Goldberg. After losing the titles, the bitter rivals faced off at Starrcade 1999 for the WCW Championship in which Hart suffered a severe concussion.  Although The Hit Man continued to compete and won a second World Title, the effects of his concussion caught up to him, prematurely ending the WWE Hall of Famer’s career. — K.P.