20 ridiculous WCW moments you may have missed

#18 Raven takes Kanyon shopping at Versace

Dressed in a ratty T-shirt and a worn leather jacket, Raven was the last person you’d ever expect to come from money. It turned out that behind the flannel, the brooding brawler was a bratty trust fund kid.

Raven’s mom, unable to see past her son’s gloom, enlisted Kanyon to cheer him up. The former Flock member ended up getting an eye-opening experience when his pal took him on a Ferris Bueller–style adventure (complete with fourth-wall breaking interjections) in his yellow Ferrari. After withdrawing $20,000 from the bank, Raven took Kanyon shopping at Versace where they tried on outfits in a montage that would have fit perfectly in any mid-90s rom-com.

After a night on the town, Raven’s grunge god image had been shattered. But like many things in WCW, the Bowery punk’s riches were forgotten and he was hanging out with Vampiro and Insane Clown Posse shortly after.