20 ridiculous WCW moments you may have missed

#19 Everyone can see Ultimate Warrior except for Eric Bischoff

The “Citizen Kane” of dopey wrestling rivalries, the build to the 1998 rematch between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior was defined by trap doors, smoke bombs and even a little demonic possession. But of all the B-movie horseplay that had sports-entertainment fans switching the channel to “Raw,” no moment was as misguided as this chestnut from the Oct. 5, 1998, edition of Nitro.

That night, Hulk Hogan was so shook by Warrior’s mediocre magic tricks that he retreated to his locker room with Eric Bischoff in tow — only to find his longtime rival staring back at him in his mirror. Here’s the thing: Hogan could see Warrior, the announcers could see Warrior and everyone watching at home could see Warrior, but Bischoff, for some unexplainable reason, could not. The segment should have had fans clamoring to see the showdown between The Hulkster and Warrior. Instead, everyone just became concerned for Sleazy E’s mental health.