Unsung Heroes: The journeymen of professional wrestling

Frank "Moose" Monroe

In 1970s ring competition, few grapplers could match the imposing demeanor of the man straight from the thickets of Canada, Frank "Moose" Monroe. With his beard, immense silhouette and woolly physique, it doesn’t take Lanny Poffo to discover where Monroe earned his Bullwinkle nickname. When it came time for a WWE Superstar to earn his stripes in the days of disco, he was forced to tangle with this beastly gent from up north.

Unfortunately, Monroe was more Bullwinkle than Mark Messier, and was often on the losing end of his contests. The Moose succumbed to the talents of several WWE Hall of Famers and Legends including Tony Atlas, Chief Jay Strongbow, High Chief Peter Maivia, Tito Santana, Ivan Putski, Bob Backlund and Haystacks Calhoun, just to name a few. (WATCH)