Unsung Heroes: The journeymen of professional wrestling

Barry Horowitz

For Barry Horowitz, asking "Why do we recline on this night and not other nights?" was not just a question for the Passover seder, as his shoulders were pinned to the canvas on most nights. (WATCH)

A beloved member of the WWE roster for many years, the WWE Universe likely recalls the self-deprecating Horowitz patting himself on the back before matches, knowing full well the eventual unfortunate outcome. It only made sense for Barry to have that sense of humor. For him, it wasn’t about the victories, but rather a dream come true of competing inside the squared circle, even battling back from a devastating neck injury.

In 1995, Horowitz was involved in one of the most memorable moments in WWE history. On an episode of "Superstars" the crowd became unglued when Horowitz upset Bodydonna Skip, leaving Jim Ross to exclaim the result in a state of shock. Despite losing the majority of his matchups, on this night Horowitz was certainly a chosen one. (WATCH)