Unsung Heroes: The journeymen of professional wrestling

WWE will always be known for its larger-than-life Superstars. Muscular physiques, flashy ring attire and cool catchphrases make them stand out in the mind of the WWE Universe.

However, back in the day, a small group of sports-entertainers were notorious for different reasons, most notably their proclivity for being on the losing end. These journeymen didn’t have bulging biceps. Their ring gear was most likely a drably-colored pair of trunks with worn boots and a satin jacket. No high-energy rock music signaled their entrance. In fact, they didn’t even have entrances.

Though these combatants looked like they might be better suited as plumbers or electricians and had win-loss records to match, they still had the determination to step into the ring and ply their craft. They earned the silent respect of the WWE Universe, who often knew the fate of these competitors before the bell rang.

Now, take a look back at some of WWEClassics.com’s favorite journeymen. (PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)