The Undertaker's history in Hell

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels — In Your House: Bad Blood, Oct. 5, 1997

If the first-ever Hell in a Cell Match pitting Shawn Michaels against The Undertaker proved anything, it was that Satan’s Structure is one of the most demonic and treacherous contraptions ever devised. The brutal contest showed the WWE Universe that Hell in a Cell was much more than an amped up version of a steel cage — the entire environment was a dangerous weapon.

An unfortunate cameraman was caught in the path of Michaels and The Deadman and injured, allowing the two Superstars to take the battle outside and on top of the Cell. The physicality of the contest was highlighted when HBK fell from the side of the cage and through an announce table.

Although it seemed as though The Phenom was truly in his element and would claim victory after mercilessly battling HBK, his plans were derailed when Kane made his fiery debut, ripped off the Cell door and Tombstoned The Deadman, allowing Michaels to pick up the victory.