Underrated: Superstars without their due

Billy Kidman, chosen by Kofi Kingston

KINGSTON: "I think Billy Kidman was extremely underrated. When you think about Billy Kidman you think Shooting Star Press, but if you go back and watch his matches, he has really good matches with a whole lot of people. He's a lot more than just a guy who can do cool things. He can work, he can be technical, he's crisp, he's intense. He can be a good guy, he can be a bad guy, he can really do it all. I don't think a lot of people realize that because when you think Billy Kidman, you think, 'Oh, high flyer. Shooting Star Press.' And he's a lot more than that."

WWE CLASSICS: It's hard to argue the selection of Billy Kidman. A seven-time Cruiserweight Champion, two-time WCW Tag Team Champion with partners Rey Mysterio and Konnan and a WWE Tag Team Champion alongside Paul London, Kidman was about more than just high-risk. Although his most memorable contests were against fellow cruiserweights, he also engaged in a notable rivalry against The Immortal Hulk Hogan during the final months of WCW. Following his in-ring career, Kidman became a trainer for the future of sports-entertainment, teaching young Superstars like Wade Barrett the sound fundamentals they need to succeed in WWE. And oh yeah, that Shooting Star Press was awesome. Billy Kidman is underrated.