Underrated: Superstars without their due

X-Pac, chosen by Alex Riley

RILEY: "I always thought X-Pac deserved a little bit more than what he got. X-Pac always stuck out in my mind as a fantastic entertainer. I loved when he was part of D-Generation X, what he brought to that group. His athletic ability. When you saw him come through the curtain, it was like, 'Man, that guy is a professional wrestler. He's living every moment.' He was really 100 percent committed to that persona and being who he was. I can attest to that, because you meet him, and that's really who he is. I always thought in the ring he was extremely talented. Just a very, very entertaining guy."

WWE CLASSICS: Sean Waltman certainly made a splash upon returning to WWE in 1998 after a previous stint as The 1-2-3 Kid. Although X-Pac picked up several championships — including a memorable rivalry over the European Championship with Shane McMahon and a popular World Tag Team Championship reign with Kane — the WWE Universe turned their backs on the resilient DX member late in his tenure. Nevertheless, Waltman was one of the most engaging performers in the height of WWE's most successful era, and his departure from WWE has likely resulted in true underrated status.