Underrated: Superstars without their due

Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis), chosen by Eve

EVE: "You know, hands down, I would have to say John Laurinaitis. He was huge in Japan. He was so innovative, he was so athletic, and now we see him as General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown and EVP of Talent Relations, but he is an animal. He is incredible in the ring, and he's somebody that should definitely not be underestimated."

WWE CLASSICS: Eve might be speaking with a clear bias, but she has a point. Although Johnny's WCW tag team, The Dynamic Dudes, is mostly considered a punchline at this point, there is no doubting the success of Laurinaitis in Japan. Those knowledgeable about Japanese professional wrestling are well aware of his partnership with Kenta Kobashi, but are also a very niche fanbase in the States. While Laurinaitis competed against many of WCW's biggest names, he never crossed over to the premier of sports-entertainment, WWE, like many of his peers did. Although Johnny is credited with being the proprietor of the innovative "Ace Crusher" maneuver, Superstars that followed in WCW and WWE perfected it to win World Championships. Based on that, and being embarrassed by John Cena in his heralded return to the ring at WWE Over the Limit, we feel the General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown is a highly skilled executive, but ultimately not underrated.