Underrated: Superstars without their due

Billy Robinson, chosen by Daniel Bryan

BRYAN: "My favorite guy to watch who you don't hear a lot about, who to me is a legend, is Billy Robinson. In Japan, he was considered a legend, and he trained a lot of the original shoot fighters, but his pro wrestling was amazing. He was probably one of the most technically gifted guys you'll ever see. As far as doing cool, legitimate stuff on the mat, there's nobody better."

WWE CLASSICS: Few members of the WWE Universe have heard of Billy Robinson, let alone know his credentials. His only notable appearances in North America came in the AWA, where he was the British Empire Heavyweight Champion. He also defeated former WWE Superstar Dino Bravo, and battled then-WWE Champion Bob Backlund in a 60-minute matchup. Although he never won an AWA Championship, Robinson had classic rivalries with WWE Hall of Famers Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel, and had a notable bout with Antonio Inoki, another WWE Hall of Famer. There is no question Billy Robinson is supremely underrated.