Underrated: Superstars without their due

Billy Gunn, chosen by Dolph Ziggler

ZIGGLER: "One of the ones that I was a huge fan of growing up, and still am a big fan of, is Billy Gunn from The New Age Outlaws. He's very athletic, he looks like a million bucks, he's like 6'5'' or 6'6'', stronger and more athletic than almost everybody else. He was just fun to watch no matter what he was doing. Week in and week out, he was always almost near the top, but he never quite got to the top. He even won King of the Ring, and it seemed like he was going places. He just never got to the full-time main event status that I thought he would, but man, that guy was a hell of a competitor. Looked great, made others look great, and looked like he gave it all every single time he went out there, which I'm a huge fan of."

WWE CLASSICS: During his more than 10-year WWE career, Billy Gunn was one half of three highly successful tag teams, but hardly remembered for his extraordinary singles talents. As alluded to by Ziggler, Gunn won the King of the Ring tournament in 1999 at the height of WWE's popularity, and went on to face off with The Rock at SummerSlam. Afterward, he formed a unique partnership with Chuck Palumbo, but mostly faded into obscurity. There is no doubt that Gunn's talent translated into longevity and championship success, and while his tag teams are looked back on fondly, Gunn himself is an underrated performer. Ziggler, who clearly shares many attributes with his selection, must strive to achieve what Gunn never did: win the WWE Championship.