This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

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November 27, 2012

Baby Doll

Tully Blanchard only had the finest things in life: expensive suits, gold watches, fast cars and faster women. When he needed a lady to put the final touch on his championship persona, he would only settle for a perfect 10. He got what he was looking for in Baby Doll.

The tall, blond Texan was the perfect complement to Blanchard’s upper-class lifestyle. Though she was wearing classy outfits, Baby Doll wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when the situation called for it. If Dusty Rhodes got in Tully’s face, she got her man out of harm’s way and stepped right up to jawjack with “The American Dream.”

That attitude caught Rhodes’ attention, as when Blanchard dared to put his hands on “The Perfect 10,” Dusty came to her rescue. Though Rhodes and Baby Doll seemingly had a great partnership, it didn’t last long, as she turned her back on “The American Dream” during a match with Ric Flair, returning to Blanchard and The Four Horsemen.

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