This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

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November 27, 2012

Kimberly Page

This brunette beauty first wowed WCW fans in 1994 as the valet for Diamond Dallas Page, who had recently won $13 million playing bingo. DDP, feeling particularly lucky, put a date with his “Diamond Doll” on the line in a series of arm wrestling matches.

Eventually, it was revealed Kimberly actually had the winning bingo card, but Page snatched it out of her hands and claimed it for himself. The bombshell was freed from DDP’s evil grasp by Johnny B. Badd.

For Kimberly, time apparently healed all wounds. After stints escorting Badd and The Booty Man (who dubbed her “The Booty Babe”), she returned to Page’s side when he battled “Macho Man” Randy Savage. She evened things out for “The Master of the Diamond Cutter” when Miss Elizabeth got involved in their epic battles.

She wasn’t just a pretty face, either. An accomplished dancer, Kimberly helped establish the popular Nitro Girls dance crew. The fame may have gotten to her head in 2000, though, as she cracked DDP in the skull with a guitar (WATCH), declaring that it was all about Kimberly now.

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