Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#2 The Hart Foundation

Before WWE fans famously identified Bret Hart as “The Best There Is, Best There Was and Best There Ever Will Be,” The Hart Foundation was held to the same standard in tag teamdom.

Proving why family mattered in WWE, The “Hit Man” and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart were teammates but also brothers-in-law bound both by familial kinship and a Dungeon-derived mat schooling in Stu Hart’s basement training ground. Determined and devastatingly adept in the squared circle, Bret’s technical expertise complemented The Anvil’s powerhouse panache and unnerving, madman-like laughter. Together, the pair of Harts raised the pulse of the WWE Universe when they crossed the ropes and made their neon shade something respected by rivals and WWE fans alike.

The only thing that looked better with pink and black was gold, which was saddled around The Hart Foundation’s waists for two lengthy reigns in 1987 and 1990 amid triumphant tussles with iconic teams like The British Bulldogs, Demolition and The Rockers. — C.T.