Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#10 The Dudley Boyz

“The whole thing started as a joke. I mean, obviously, with Bubba being Caucasian and D-Von being African-American, it was a joke. It got to be such a joke that during announcing I would say their father was a traveling salesman named Willy Loman Dudley. I don’t know that anyone could’ve expected they would go on to be the most decorated tag team of all time.

“Everyone knows The Dudleyz for the TLC Matches against The Hardyz and Edge & Christian, but I would say their early matches with The APA really defined them. I think there was a bias against ECW wrestlers that perhaps they weren’t really tough. Bradshaw and Ron Simmons, who are both pretty heavy hitters, were paired up against The Dudleyz to see what they had. I think both of those guys will tell you that Bubba and D-Von give as good as they get.” — JOEY STYLES, as told to R.M.