Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#20 Team Hell No

It’s hard to figure, but somehow Kane — a demented monster who has chokeslammed a priest, set multiple people on fire and once hooked a car battery up to a man’s groin — has proven himself to be the most adaptable tag team competitor of the past 15 years. This was never more apparent than in 2012 when The Big Red Monster found an unexpected ally in Daniel Bryan — the stubborn, bearded sparkplug who went from cult favorite to WWE ace through his partnership with Kane.

Thrilling in-between the ropes— Team Hell No’s matches against rivals like The Shield and Team Rhodes Scholars were the best tag bouts of the new decade — the pair were even more entertaining out of the ring where their anger management sessions with the earnest Dr. Shelby endeared both Superstars as lovable curmudgeons. When Kane and Bryan weren’t hugging out their issues, they were pounding on their opponents with verve, electrifying WWE fans as the most entertaining odd couple since The Rock met the sock. — R.M.