Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#31 Too Cool

All it took was a change in personality for Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor to become one of the most popular teams in WWE history. Going largely unnoticed as Too Much, the pair embraced their common love of hip hop music, street culture and dancing and reemerged in the tag team ranks as Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty.

With Scotty’s trademark Worm dance earning mad respect from the WWE Universe, Grandmaster Sexay’s top-rope Hip Hop Drop brought the team victory after victory. Too Cool introduced the massive Rikishi as their b-boy backup and the trio’s dancing antics made them must-see television every week. Scotty and the Grandmaster’s biggest moment as a team came in May 2000, when they upset Edge & Christian to capture the World Tag Team Titles. — B.M.