Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#50 The Bushwhackers

Marching into WWE at the tail end of the ’80s, Butch and his crazy cousin Luke literally grabbed the WWE Universe’s attention by putting WWE fans in playful headlocks and licking their skulls during their ring entrance. Opposing teams weren’t quite sure what to make of the Kiwi cousins, who weren’t afraid to bite and gnaw on the competition to get ahead.

Clowning around aside, The Bushwhackers could definitely mix it up in the ring, as the two brawlers knew how to throw punches and boots with the best of them. Luke and Butch found themselves opposite some of WWE’s toughest tag teams, like The Natural Disasters and The Nasty Boys, and always thrived, making them an enduring favorite of the WWE Universe. BOBBY MELOK