Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#37 Team Lay-Cool

Real talk. Latent sexism will lead many to balk at the idea that two Divas earned their way onto a list dominated by Superstars, but the truth is no duo terrorized their division quite like Michelle McCool and Layla in 2009.

Gleefully evil, unflinchingly vicious and better looking than everyone on this list besides Rick Martel, Team Lay-Cool tormented their opponents to the point that Mickie James broke down in tears when they infamously dubbed her “Piggie James” in front of a disgusted crowd. They were a nightmare, a pair of Roddy Pipers in press-on nails who toted around a bifurcated Divas Championship as if it was their very own tag title. Lay-Cool weren't just attitude, though. When an unfortunate victim finally worked up the courage to fight back, Mich would kick them in the face while Lay cackled in the corner. They were wicked, but being bad never looked so good. — R.M.