Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#39 The Bodydonnas

Beneath the bleached-blonde buzz cuts and blue spandex of Skip and Zip were two men who may have become sports-entertainment legends had they only found the proper channel for their talents. Instead, Chris Candido and Tom Prichard had to settle for the burden of being underrated. Saddled with the personas of exasperating fitness freaks, the seriously gifted Superstars busted out jumping jacks and Hindu squats in-between crisp armdrags and on-the-mark dropkicks. They were parodies, doomed to be ignored, but it didn’t stop them from topping The Godwinns for the titles in the spring of ’96.

And then there was Sunny. Packing Jim Cornette’s infuriating personality into the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, the manager took a bikini and a bad attitude and turned it into a WWE Hall of Fame career. Irritating one moment, intoxicating the next, she demanded The Bodydonnas be seen. Candido and Prichard took care of the rest. — RYAN MURPHY