Re-ranking WWE's 50 greatest tag teams

#41 Jeri-Show

In some cases, an injury is a blessing in disguise. For Chris Jericho, the sidelining of Edge after the two Superstars captured the Unified Tag Team Championships at The Bash in 2009 gave Y2J an opportunity to seek an even more dominant figure to fill The Ultimate Opportunist’s shoes — Big Show.

A contractual loophole allowed The World’s Largest Athlete to claim Edge’s vacated half of the titles at Night of Champions and kicked off a hot streak for the team that came to be known as “Jeri-Show.” Like a pair of playground terrors, Jericho antagonized their opponents while Big Show waited to deliver a right jab to whoever was dumb enough to step up to his smart mouthed friend. For the remainder of 2009, the powerful duo found themselves embroiled in fierce rivalries against the likes of DX and The Legacy as they brought the tag titles back into the main event scene. — ANTHONY BENIGNO