Game of Thrones: The Top 10 Kings of the Ring

#10 King Mabel – 1995

Purple has always been the color of royalty. Maybe that's why it suited the 560-pound man on a mission, Mabel, when he captured the oversized throne of King of the Ring in 1995.

Watch Mabel battle it out in the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament

The girthy, former World Tag Team Champion surprised the entire WWE Universe by winning a tournament that included both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, whose face would be crushed beneath King Mabel's meaty thigh months later amid his majesty's ruthless reign. Nobility was not his thing (nor that of his closest aide, "Sir" Mo), but this massive magnate of the squared circle made a big impression in WWE while he wore the crown – with a defiant tilt – atop his mohawked head.

Watch Mabel clash with a masked Undertaker in a Casket Match

His ring arrivals signaled by police sirens and heavy bass, King Mabel was regularly hoisted by four struggling serfs at a time – including Matt and Jeff Hardy before they reached Superstardom – for an impressive entrance of rap music-riddled regalia. Though Mabel was a boss in sports-entertainment before Rick Ross had even turned 20, the behemoth couldn’t maintain enough momentum to overcome Diesel for the WWE Championship later that summer.

Watch Mabel challenge Diesel in the main event of SummerSlam

Finally, at Survivor Series '95, the quarter-ton king fell to The Phenom, who ironically orchestrated Mabel’s future transformation from rapper-meets-royalty into a more vicious – and visceral – beast for destruction in the Attitude Era and beyond. – CRAIG TELLO