To All a Good Fight: Top 10 Santa Shockers

#7 A ‘Shocking’ reading of a Christmas classic

It’s tough to upstage Santa Claus delivering a “Stone Cold” Stunner to The Chairman or Boogeyman worming “Santa Vito” at a pay-per-view, but on Christmas Day in 1993, WCW Saturday Night may have done just that. The Shockmaster — he of sports-entertainment’s most dubious debut — dressed up as Santa Claus and read Clement Clarke Moore’s timeless holiday classic, “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (better known as “The Night Before Christmas”), to a group of children.

Perched in his chair next to a roaring fireplace adorned with all the right holiday fixings, The Shockmaster certainly looked the part of Santa. As for the reading itself?

It wasn’t the best reading of the poem, but — perhaps surprisingly — it wasn’t the worst, either. It may, however, have been the most random.