To All a Good Fight: Top 10 Santa Shockers

#8 All I want for Christmas ... is speech

Nothing says Christmas quite like Mick Foley dressed up as “Jolly Old St. Mick.”

Kicking off the Nov. 29, 2011, episode of SmackDown, The Hardcore Legend donned the big red suit and led an enchanted night of WWE action as he announced an “All I Want for Christmas” Battle Royal where the winner would get their special wish granted by Santa Claus.

While Hornswoggle busied himself throughout the match by sliding in and out of the ring and then hiding beneath it, Sheamus simply cleaned house. In the end, it all came down to The Celtic Warrior and ’Swoggle in the unlikeliest final two of any WWE Battle Royal.

Hornswoggle looked ready to fight, and when Sheamus directed his tiny opponent to eliminate himself, ’Swoggle refused, kicking at Sheamus’ shins. When The Great White tried to unceremoniously dump SmackDown’s smallest Superstar over the ropes, ’Swoggle hung on for dear life before finally tricking Sheamus into losing the bout.

Not only did ’Swoggle win the Battle Royal, but he was also granted the ability to speak by Santa Claus!