To All a Good Fight: Top 10 Santa Shockers

#9 'Santa Vito' gets worms for Christmas

When you think of Christmastime, the furthest thing from your mind is probably The Boogeyman, bastion of all things disgusting in WWE lore. Terrorizing Superstars, Divas and anyone else who was unfortunate enough to cross his path, the former grappler of the gross was, simply put, a nightmare for all.

So why is he even anywhere near this list? Well, that’s simple: Not even Santa Claus was immune to Boogeyman’s terrorizing ways.

OK fine, so it wasn’t THE Santa Claus, thankfully, but when “Santa Vito” (with Nunzio playing the part of his “elf”) made an appearance at Armageddon 2005, he likely left the arena with something that wasn’t visions of sugarplums dancing in his head.