WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Bret Hart

November 19, 1995 - March 31, 1996

Bret Hart and Diesel met for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series in a No Disqualification Match. It's become almost common practice nowadays for Superstars to take nasty spills through the Spanish announce table, but Bret Hart got tossed through the table for one of the first times in this main event. Diesel wouldn't let up either, as he dragged Hart back into the ring. Diesel tried to go for his Jackknife Powerbomb, but Hart was so motionless from his spill that Diesel couldn't execute the maneuver. Instead, Hart reversed it into a small package for the shocking, come-from-behind win and his third WWE Championship.


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Sept. 1, 2006
The Miz makes his WWE in-ring debut by defeating Tatanka on SmackDown.