World Tag Team Championships - The Hart Foundation

August 27, 1990 - March 24, 1991

Almost three years after their last World Tag Team Championship reign, the Hart Foundation got another shot at the titles at SummerSlam against Demolition. This version of Demolition, though, consisted of Ax, Smash and Crush. Demolition could choose any two members of the team to defend the titles, and in this case, Smash and Crush got the call. The match was also a best two-out-of-three-falls match. The champions used their power and took the first fall after hitting the Decapitation, but the Hart Foundation came back in the second fall. After hitting the Hart Attack, Smash earned a disqualification when trying to save his partner. During the third fall, Ax, who had been hiding underneath the ring, switched in and took Smash's place while the referee wasn't looking. The much fresher Ax started annihilating the Hart Foundation. Later on, Smash and Ax swapped once more to keep the fresher man in the ring. Irate at the injustice that was going on, the Legion of Doom came down to ringside and pulled Ax out from under the ring to expose the cheating. Deomlition confronted L.O.D., allowing the Hart Foundation to pin Crush for the win and their second World Tag Team Championship.

This WeekIn 2001

March 5, 2001
After Jerry Lawler departs WWE, Paul Heyman debuts as a color commentator on Raw. ECW files for bankruptcy one month later.