World Tag Team Championships - Demolition

March 27, 1988 - July 18, 1989

Demolition, Ax and Smash, had only been around for about one year, but in that short time span they were starting to dominate the tag team ranks. Their brutal, hard-hitting, brawling style was too much for many teams to handle. After beating team after team, they earned a title shot against Strike Force, Tito Santana and Rick Martel, at WrestleMania IV. After Demolition, who was managed by the devious Mr. Fuji, dominated the early portions of the match, Santana came back and hit his patented Flying Forearm and made a tag to the well-rested Martel. Martel locked in the Boston Crab on Smash, but the referee was distracted by Santana. Ax took his manager's cane and nailed Martel over the head with it. Smash rolled over for the pin, and Demolition became World Tag Team Champions. Demolition would go on to hold the titles for a record-breaking 16 months, surpassing the Valliant Borthers' record of one year and one week. During that time Demolition fended off such teams as the British Bulldogs, the Hart Foundation and the Powers of Pain.