World Tag Team Championships - Rico & Rikishi

May 19, 2002 - June 06, 2002

Rikishi was set to challenge Billy & Chuck at Judgment Day along with a mystery partner. Rikishi received some bad news when he found out his mystery partner was Rico, Billy & Chuck's stylist. Rikishi fended off some serious offense by the champs, but then it appeared as though Rico was going to help Billy & Chuck as he went for a kick. Rikishi got out of the way, though, and Rico landed the kick on Chuck. Rikishi then rolled him up for the pin.

This WeekIn 2002

April 21, 2002
Triple H clashes with Hulk Hogan over the Undisputed Championship at Backlash. The Hulkster is victorious to begin his final title reign in WWE.