World Heavyweight Championship - Triple H

September 12, 2004 - December 06, 2004

Triple H couldn't bear to see anyone else with the World Heavyweight Championship, let alone one of his protégés, Randy Orton. So without even blinking, Triple H kicked Orton out of Evolution and immediately began his quest to reclaim the title. Orton put up an admirable fight, but Batista and Ric Flair proved to be too big of a distraction in the end, as Triple H was able to win his ninth World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven.

His championship reign lasted nearly three months before he was forced to vacate the title after a Monday Night RAW championship match, which also included Edge and Chris Benoit, ended in controversy.

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This WeekIn 1999

Nov. 29, 1999
Triple H interrupts Test and Stephanie McMahon's wedding, showing footage that he married Stephanie the night before.