World Heavyweight Championship - Edge

May 08, 2007 - July 17, 2007

Less than 24 hours after Mr. Kennedy's Money in the Bank opportunity transferred over to Edge's "account," the Rated-R Superstar cashed in following a savage Steel Cage Match between Undertaker and Batista, as well as a grisly attack by Mark Henry. With both The Phenom and The Animal down and practically out, an opportunistic Edge capitalized on the chaos and forced Undertaker into an impromptu match. Unable to recover from the caged encounter, the battle-weary Deadman fell to Edge, who earned his first World Heavyweight Championship.


This WeekIn 2002

July 29, 2002
In their only one-on-one encounter, The Rock defeats Ric Flair on Raw in the heart of "Flair Country" in Greensboro, N.C.