WCW World Championship - Ric Flair

February 11, 1996 - April 22, 1996

The rivalry between Ric Flair and Randy Savage was nearly out of control in early-1996, as controversy surrounded them every time they squared off. So when Flair challenged Savage for the WCW World Championship at SuperBrawl VI, the two men were locked inside a 15-foot high steel cage.

However, even the cage wasn't enough to stop outside interference from playing a role in the match. When it looked as if Savage had the challenger beat, manager Elizabeth betrayed the champion by handing Ric Flair her shoe. Flair quickly nailed Savage in the face with the point of the heel, incapacitating the champion. He then rolled over for the three count, picking up the win and World Championship number 13…as well as a new piece of arm candy in his new manager, Elizabeth.

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