Intercontinental Championship - Triple H

April 16, 2001 - May 20, 2001

After losing his Intercontinental Championship in an upset to Jeff Hardy, Triple H demanded a rematch. Due to his interference in the previous match, Matt Hardy was barred from ringside. Triple H controlled the majority of the match, but got greedy and went to the top rope. Jeff followed him and hit a hurricanrana off the top. Jeff went for the Swanton, but The Game moved out of the way. Meanwhile, in the back, Stone Cold took out Matt Hardy, prompting Lita to run to the back as well. During all of the commotion, Triple H was able to hit the Pedigree and pin Jeff to win back the Intercontinental Championship.


This WeekIn 2010

Feb. 1, 2010
William Shatner hosts Raw, where he debuts his upcoming CD of spoken word WWE entrance themes.