Intercontinental Championship - Jeff Jarrett

August 22, 1999 - October 17, 1999

At the beginning his rematch with D'Lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett ordered that Debra go to the back instead of standing by his side. Annoyed with this, Debra decided to stay at ringside and moved to D'Lo's corner. Towards the end of the match, Debra hopped onto the apron and distracted the referee. Mark Henry then made his way down to ringside, and turned on D'Lo, allowing him to get hit over the head with a guitar. Jarrett made the pin for his record-sixth Intercontinental Championship. He also won the European Championship, as both belts were up for grabs.

This WeekIn 1994

July 30, 1994
After failing to win the WWE Championship from Bret Hart on Superstars, Bob Backlund snaps and becomes Mr. Backlund.