Intercontinental Championship - Ahmed Johnson

June 23, 1996 - August 19, 1996

Ahmed Johnson was a mountain of a Superstar that refused to be intimidated. Goldust thought he may be able to get into Johnson's head by giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Johnson didn't take too kindly to the gesture. As a result, the two fought for the Intercontinental Championship at King of the Ring. Johnson stormed the ring right from the start and went on the offensive. Goldust was able to lock in a Sleeper Hold but then made the mistake of giving Johnson a kiss. Johnson awoke from his slumber with a mighty roar and delivered a Spinebuster followed by the Pearl River Plunge for the pin and the Intercontinental Championship. A couple of months later, Johnson would have to vacate the title due to injuries.

This WeekIn 2001

March 5, 2001
Less than a month before WrestleMania X-Seven, The Hardy Boyz defeat The Dudley Boyz on Raw to win their fourth World Tag Team Championship.