The ring's forgotten big men


Many big men take their names from mythological creatures, towering structures or vehicles of destruction. One giant, however, took his from an unlikely source: those wooden sawhorses police put up to close off traffic.

The 6-foot-10, 400-pounder known as Roadblock burst on the scene in WCW in 1996. With ring gear decorated to make him look like a freshly-paved road and a street barrier slung over his massive shoulders, Roadblock certainly had an imposing look.

Unfortunately, WCW’s top stars weren’t too intimidated by the big man. Lex Luger ignored the “Road Closed” signs and muscled the human barrier up for the Torture Rack. The giant one-upped The Total Package a few weeks later, dropkicking the monster over the top rope and through a ringside table before chokeslamming him with ease. It turns out that Roadblock could have used some backup from The State Patrol.