The truth behind six Andre the Giant legends

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January 31, 2013

By now, the stories have become part of sports-entertainment lore. Any competitor who bumped around the rings in the 1970s will tell you about the night they sat at a bar next to Andre the Giant and watched “The Eighth Wonder of the World” chug 200 beers without leaving his stool. Others will say they were there when four rowdy punks offended Andre in a restaurant and ended up getting their car flipped over by the giant — while they were inside it.

But where does the fable of Andre the Giant end and the reality of Andre Roussimoff begin? Discovering the true story of a man who was professionally mythologized from the age of 17 can be tricky. Even those that knew Andre seem drawn to hyperbole, preferring to keep the fantastic tales of the giant’s herculean strength and insatiable appetite alive and well. Undaunted, WWE Classics spoke with the giant’s close friend and former handler Tim White, veteran wresting journalist Bill Apter and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler to learn the truth behind six unbelievable Andre stories. (NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN ANDRE PHOTOS | WATCH RARE MATCHES)

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