Put a lid on it! The dangerous history of Casket Matches

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November 20, 2012

The nail in the coffin

Although referred to at the time as a “Coffin Match,” the first official Casket Match occurred at 1992’s Survivor Series with The Undertaker battling Kamala. (WATCH) The rules stated the path to victory necessitated both a pinfall and shutting the lid of the coffin with a competitor inside. A cast of characters paraded ringside, with the ghoulish Paul Bearer taking care of the urn while both Kim Chee and Harvey Wippleman flanked Kamala.

Despite The Ugandan Giant’s extra protection, Kamala was unable to avoid the Tombstone and was rolled into the coffin following a pinfall. In an ominous moment, The Undertaker proceeded to hammer a series of nails into the coffin’s perimeter to put a definitive end to their rivalry. After this bout, the notorious Casket Match’s no-pinfall rule went into effect. The only way to win would be to trap a competitor inside the casket and close the lid.

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