Tales from the Spanish announce table

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December 10, 2012

The first time the Spanish announce table broke

Carlos Cabrera had little trouble remembering the first time a 220-pound Superstar came crashing through his announce table. He still wears the scars of the disastrous night.

It was the 1995 Survivor Series and Bret Hart was trying his damndest to wrestle the WWE Title away from the imposing Diesel in a No Disqualification Match. Deep into the grueling battle, “Hit Man” found himself on the outside of the ring, holding onto the top rope when the WWE Champion drove all 300-pounds of his frame into Hart, sending him careening off the apron and through the Spanish announce table. (WATCH FULL MATCH)

“Nowadays, we have a little more room to move,” Cabrera explained. “But at that time, the barrier was very close to my back, so I was trapped. I didn’t have enough room to move away from the table and my knee got clipped!”

Indeed, when rewatching the bout, it’s easy to see the commentator grab his knee and holler in pain after Hart unceremoniously landed on his patella. It wasn’t the first time a Superstar busted a table in WWE — Harley Race belly flopped through one while taking on Hulk Hogan on Saturday Night’s Main Event in 1988 — but it was the first of many for the Spanish announce table. Still, for the men who were involved, Cabrera’s unfortunate knee injury is what stayed with them.

“Even about 10 years later when I saw Bret, he said, ‘Hey, how’s your knee?’” Cabrera laughed. “He remembered!”

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