Before they were Superstars: WWE's current stars as kids

Cody Rhodes

If you look just to Dusty Rhodes’ left during his WCW Hall of Fame induction at Slamboree 1995, you’ll see a nine-year old Cody Rhodes holding onto his father’s award. Though he gives off the air of confidence today, the second-generation Superstar wasn’t always so self-assured.

“I think I was more nervous than I anticipated,” Rhodes told “I’m standing next to my dad, not because I was supposed to, but because I was scared.”

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Cody may have been reserved, but his polka-dotted, striped and patterned shirt definitely wasn’t. We asked the former Intercontinental Champion about his Technicolor outfit.

“If you look at any ‘90s country star, George Strait or Garth Brooks, that was the template,” he explained. “I would wear a cowboy shirt, completely buttoned up, occasionally with a bolo. It meant tight jeans and a belt that matched my boots, which were monogrammed, and my dad would paint the leather in where it said ‘Cody.’ “