Sunday Night Heat's 10 hottest moments

Triple H hunts in the Lion's Den

You may have thought The Game’s intense rivalry with Brock Lesnar was his first foray into MMA-style combat. That’s not the case. Triple H took on Big Boss Man in a Lion’s Den Match on an early 1999 edition of Sunday Night Heat.

Watch Triple H brawl with Brock Lesnar

Brought to WWE by MMA icon Ken Shamrock, the Lion’s Den was a high-walled, cramped cage, designed to bring out the most animalistic grappling and brawling in Superstars.

Unfortunately for The King of Kings, he didn’t get much of a chance to show off his ground and pound abilities. Sunday Night Heat announcer Shane McMahon interjected himself into the proceedings, tossing the former corrections officer’s nightstick into the cage. Boss Man bludgeoned Triple H with it, ending the bout and setting off a heated brawl between DX and The Corporation.